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Weekly Golf Tip 12-18-2018

No More Chunking the Chips!

The popular advice: Keep your head down when you hit chips and short pitches.

You follow the advice, but you still don’t get it right.

So, what are you doing wrong?

It’s not you. It’s the advice. You concentrate on keeping your head down, which causes tension in your hands and arms. That restricts your swing and prevents you from swinging through the ball. It also throws off your balance and the shifting to the left foot (or right foot for left-handed players).

Try this to help reduce the tension: Track the ball with your eyes. This maneuver will help you rotate your head toward the target during the swing. It also helps your body rotate properly and naturally, which leads to more solid contact.

The change in focus helps direct the club on a more shallow path toward the ball, creating a cleaner strike.

Tip adapted from GolfDigest